Be Safe Always

Here are some safety tips to observe when using LPG either in a domestic or industrial environment
Buy Your LPG/Cooking Gas Cylinders from authorised and tested distributors, look for the due date of test, which is marked on the inner side of the cylinder stay plate and if this date is over, do not accept the cylinder.

Ensure when doing a refill that you make use of authorised and tested dealers, to ensure safety and consistency. Build trust with a brand such as BMJ.

If you are keeping your cylinders outside the home, ensure it is in a cool shaded place and not placed where it can be affected by the direct sunlight or rain.

When installing the cylinder inside, ensure that it is stored in a place where there is proper ventilation and free from other flammable materials, electrical sockets and interference from transmission signals from your home devices.

Ensure that your cylinders are always stored in an upright position in a location where it cannot be unbalanced or pushed over suddenly. Always lift and transport your cylinders via the handle holes. Do not roll it on the ground at any point.

Do periodic checks for your cylinder and its components. Always ensure that the regulator, hose and the cylinder casing are not damaged in anyway. If you notice any faulty parts, desist from using and get a qualified LPG technician to look at it.

Before use, always ensure that there are no gas leaks or smell of gas within the environment. If you perceive the odour of gas, ensure that you do not strike a match or make use of other flammable materials at such time. Immediately, take the cylinder outside to a more open environment for safety

When cooking please keep the windows open to ventilate your kitchen. Do not leave your cooking unattended for long periods. Always switch the regulator knob off when the cylinder is not in use